Day Trip: Palace of Versailles


Paris is an exquisite city filled with endless cafes, beautiful buildings, and incredible sights. If you have exhausted everything Paris has to offer then I recommend a day trip to the Palace of Versailles. Located about an hour by train west of Paris, this day trip is a wonderful choice when visiting Paris. Indulge in a rich slice a history while feeling like royalty for a day! Whether you are a history buff, have a passion for royalty, or just enjoy looking at beautiful sights, the Palace of Versailles will not disappoint. Personally, I am not much of a history buff. I like to know the basics but am definitely more of a visual person. Looking at a structure and thinking about how it could have possibly been built in a time before modern technology existed is enough to blow my mind. If you want the history of the Palace of Versailles Click Here 🙂

My mom recently came to visit and we were able to explore the Palace of Versailles together! It was an absolutely amazing and experience I will never forget. We had such a wonderful time with so many laughs and moments of sheer amazement! We spent about five hours exploring and still did not cover every inch of the Palace and grounds. I truly suggest if you have enough time while you are visiting Paris to make the day out of it because it really is something worth seeing.


  • Make sure to buy your tickets ahead of time to guarantee quick entry! You can purchase your timed entry tickets from the official Palace of Versailles website! Click Here to Buy Tickets
  • The Palace of Versailles and Gardens get busy! Make sure to go earlier in the day rather than later!


9:30 am | Grateful for the app CityMapper which makes it easy to figure out how to get from Paris to Versailles. Once we arrived I was instantly blown away by how beautiful it was! Our timed entry tickets were for 10am which meant by arriving early we had extra time to take a ton of photos and just stop and stare at the magnificence that was in front of us.

10:00 am | We used our timed entry tickets and went in right away! There is a ton of security and checkpoints so I don't suggest bringing oversized bags. After passing security we were able to pick up maps and audio guides.

10:15 am | Let the tour begin! I have no idea how many rooms of extravagant art and furniture we went through but it was incredible. Every inch of the Palace was carefully thought out and no detail was left to spare. Each space was more amazing than the next.

11:30 am | What palace would be complete without food? My mom and I stopped for lunch at Angelina Paris conveniently located in the Palace. It was absolutely delicious. (There are quite of few restaurants located in the Palace and around the Gardens)

12:30 pm | Time to explore the Women's Quarter of the Palace. It was just as unbelievable as the rest.


12:45 pm | Welcome to the gardens of the Palace. Perfectly manicured gardens spanning miles and miles in every direction.

1:00 pm | We explored the immediate area of the gardens and saw our saving grace; a golf cart. Yes, the gardens are that wide and far that renting a golf cart to explore the grounds was absolutely worth every penny!

2:30 pm | For almost an hour an half we drove around the gardens on the golf cart. We explored The Grand Trianon, The Petite Trianon, The Musical Fountain Show, and more!

3:00 pm | Completely wiped out we headed back to Paris and we were grateful for the hour train ride back to Paris to sneak in a power nap before continuing our adventures!

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