Travel Diary: Alsace


For whatever reason, my Instagram had been flooded with images from the Alsace region of France. Never ending photos of adorable gingerbread houses and beautiful sunshine! It became clear this was my sign to make Alsace my next destination! This quaint region of France famous for wine and Christmas markets is a must see! The region of Alsace borders Germany and is made up of many different towns! Some are easier to get to than others. Whether summer or winter you will be charmed by the fairytale architecture and relaxing feel. On this trip, my two friends and I were able to visit Colmar and Riquewhir! Fun fact: Riquewhir was the inspiration for the movie Beauty and the Beast and I can absolutely understand why! We definitely felt the urge to sing and dance down the streets! Here is how I spent 24 hours in the Alsace region of France!


  • Ouibus from Marne La Vallee Chessy (Hotel Santa Fe) to Strasbourg
  • Train from Strasbourg to Colmar
  • Local Bus from Colmar to Riquewhir


  • None! Overnight bus rides!


  • Salon De The Restaurant Couronne - Riquewhir
  • Brasserie l'Auberge - Colmar
  • Raven - Strasbourg


  • All of the cute houses
  • Different towns throughout the Alsace region

travel tips

  • Double check bus and train times
  • If you want to see smaller towns rent a car
  • You don't need a lot of time to see everything


12:45 am | Depart from Marne La Vallee Chessy (Hotel Santa Fe) on Ouibus to Strasbourg... Well, that was the plan, however, travel does not always go according to plan! Storytime: My two friends and I checked our emails and had our bus tickets ready. We read that the bus would leave from Marne La Vallee Chessy and figured that meant the train station. We arrived at the train station at 12:20 am ready to find the bus and head out! Around 12:35 am we were starting to question where the bus was and why there was no one else waiting at the train station. We quickly read over the email again and realized we missed the part that said the bus was actually leaving from Hotel Santa Fe, a 15-minute walk from the train station. We instantly start sprinting while simultaneously calling an Uber. We were not going to miss this bus. While running down the road I phoned the Uber and somehow communicated to him that he will see three girls running along the road and that is who he will be picking up! Next minute our Uber pulls up and we hop in! There is hope! We finally make it to Hotel Santa Fe and just as we are pulling in, the Ouibus is pulling out! Nooooo!! Our Uber driver pops a u-turn and starts following the bus! He is flashing his lights and honking but the bus keeps going. We are not giving up. Our Uber driver continues to follow the bus onto the expressway and is able to drive in the lane next to him. I rolled down my window and started waving to the bus driver somehow demonstrating that we were meant to be on the bus! Our Uber pulls over to the side of the road along with the bus! We made it on the bus! Alsace here we come!! Also, shoutout to our Uber driver. He is a legend!

6:50 am | Arrived in Strasbourg! Now we train from Strasbourg to Colmar.

7:20 am | We made it to Colmar! Time to walk from the train station to downtown Colmar.

7:40 am | The perk of arriving this early is the streets were empty and we were able to have all of the adorable houses to ourselves!

10:00 am | After walking around and taking 10,000 photos it was time to eat! At this point my phone was dead and I forgot where we ate breakfast! There are a ton of restaurants and I am sure you will be able to find somewhere! That is part of the fun!

12:00 pm | Time to go to Riquewhir! From the train station, you can take the 106 bus towards Ribeauville. It costs 3 euros and takes about 45 minutes! The drive is also beautiful!

12:50 pm | Hello Riquewhir! As beautiful as Colmar was, Riquewhir is even more magical!

3:00 pm | Hungry again...what else is new! Salon De The Restaurant Couronne is where we stopped to try a traditional Tarte Flambee! It looks like a pizza but is quite different. This crispy flat dough is topped with cream, onions, cheese, and bacon! It is extra delicious paired with White Wine from the Alsace region!

7:30 pm | When I tell you I can't tell you what we actually did the entire day besides walk around, check 0ut all the shops, and take photos, I am not exaggerating. I wish we would have counted how many times we walked up and down the main road of Riquewhir and continued to find something new every time. We just had a great time exploring and adventuring around.

7:45 pm | Storytime #2: Obviously we had to take the bus back to Colmar so we could train back to Strasbourg and pick up the Ouibus to go home. We had checked the bus times and figured we could get the last bus back to Colmar. We waited at the stop all alone and then finally a bus pulls up! We told the driver we need to go to Colmar and the bus driver informs us the last bus to Colmar was an hour ago! Help!! We are stressed and Riquewhir does not have Uber! So we asked the bus driver how to get back to Colmar because we are not staying overnight. For whatever reason, the bus driver told us he was done for the night and would take us back to Colmar! So we hopped on the bus, rode back to the bus station, dropped off the bus, and got in his car and ended up in Colmar! I don't recommend taking rides from strangers (sorry Mom!) but at this moment we were extremely grateful for him!

8:30 pm | We had some time to kill before the train and after this adventure, we needed some food! Right across from the station was Brasserie l'Auberge where we enjoyed Quiche Lorraine and Pretzels!

9:30 pm | Time for the train back to Strasbourg.

10:15 pm | Finally we are back in Strasbourg with only one more mode of transportation to take! We had an hour before the bus so the only obvious choice would be to get some dessert! Not too far from the station, we were able to indulge at Raven.

11:35 pm | We made it on the bus heading back to Marne La Vallee!

6:00 am | Home sweet home!




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