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This was one of the most spontaneous trips I have ever taken. My friend Bri was coming to visit from America and really wanted to go to Barcelona. Of course, being an easy sell, I was down! With scheduling at work and flight times, we weren't able to book our tickets and hostel until 24 hours before! This should have been a sign as to how insane and exhilarating Barcelona would be! As soon as we stepped off the plane we were in love with the energy of the people and the city. The people we encountered were friendly and helpful, the vibe was light, cool, and carefree and the city was beautiful! Our three days spent in this vibrant city were three days I will never forget. From delicious food and sangria to salsa dancing the night away, and even being mugged, Barcelona was a trip for the books! Here is how I spent three and a half jam-packed days in Barcelona!


  • Fly from CDG to BCN
  • Train from airport to hostel
  • Uber/Taxi around the city
  • Walking


  • Hostel One Paralelo


  • La Tasqueta de Blai
  • Brunch and Cakes
  • Arume
  • La Boqueria
  • Firebug
  • Demasie
  • Story


  • Casa Batllo
  • Arc de Triomf
  • La Sagrada Familia
  • Parc Guell
  • Montjuic
  • Castell de Montjuic
  • Barceloneta Beach
  • Mercat de la Boqueria
  • Gothic Quarter
  • La Rambla


  • Machete
  • Espit Chupitos
  • Antilla
  • Placa Reial
  • Mojito Club

Travel Tips

  • Pickpocketing is huge here so make sure to keep your phone and money somewhere really safe
  • A lot of restaurants, bars, and clubs open very late. Restaurants can open at 7pm and some clubs open at 2am! Embrace the siesta lifestyle!
  • Most people spoke English but the native languages are Spanish and Catalan
  • The city is very easily walkable however the public transportation is very easy to use
  • Currency: Euro


day 1

7:30 pm | With big plans and a quick trip, we had no time to spare. Thankfully the process of getting through the airport, hopping on the train, and arriving at Hostel One Paralelo was a breeze! Also, I highly recommend this Hostel! They are in a great location and offer free daily walking tours, free dinner, and organized hostel nights out on the town! The staff was so nice and helpful!  Book Hostel One Paralelo

8:30 pm | As quickly as possible we freshened up and headed down the street for dinner to La Tasquesta de Blai. DELICIOUS! This self serve 1€ pinchos bar is absolutely amazing. (Pinchos are essentially tapas but with a toothpick to hold everything together) First of all, the pitcher of Sangria was amazing and all of the pinchos were flavor-packed, creative, and a feast for the eyes! While writing this blog post I am literally salivating at the thought of this meal!

12:00 am | Current status: very full and sangria buzzed! After dinner, we walked through the city and landed at Espit Chupitos! This shots bar is so much fun! Take your chances and pick from over 600 shots that could be topped with whipped cream, set on fire, or have a fun set of rules of how to take the shot! Plus the shots are only 2.50€!

1:00 am | Salsa time! Not chips and salsa. Salsa dancing! When you walk in the door of Machete it does not look like a salsa club but when you walk past the main bar and through the back door you enter into a different world! A room full with another bar and people dancing! Although I had never salsa danced before I had so much fun!

2:30 am | No better way to end the night than with a massive pizza slice and an Uber ride back to the hostel! I love Barcelona!


day 2

12:00 pm | A late start was much needed today! Also, very grateful for the coffee at the hostel!

2:30 pm | After getting ready and making our plan for the day, we took a leisurely walk through the city! Although public transport in Barcelona is amazing, I prefer to walk and see the city and enjoy the sunshine! Our walk ended at Brunch and Cake. This was by far one of the most instagrammable and delicious brunches. Ever.

4:00 pm | Very full and nourished, we headed to Casa Batllo. This gorgeous house in the center of the city was designed by Gaudi. I definitely recommend taking the tour! Tickets are 25€ but worth it! It was honestly so beautiful we both cried! If you plan on visiting Barcelona during the busy season I suggest prebuying your tickets! Buy your Casa Batllo Tickets Here

5:30 pm | We continued our walk around the entire city and this time ended up at the Arc de Triomf! No we did not walk all the way to Paris. I had no idea but there is an Arc de Triomf in Barcelona! Seriously magnificent especially during the sunset!

6:00 pm | As we headed back to the hostel for a siesta (nap time), we wandered our way through the Gothic Quarter.

6:30 pm | We needed to take a quick detour for wine and Vermouth at Story. This bar is famous for its Vermouth! If you don't know (because I didn't) Vermouth is aromatized and fortified wine. It often is made with cinnamon, cardamon, and cloves, and is traditionally served from the tap and topped off with an orange slice. It is also quite yummy!

7:30 pm | We managed to find our way to La Ramblas, the famous and touristy main street in Barcelona, filled with the souvenir, flower, and food vendors.

7:40 pm | Will we ever make it back to the hostel? To be determined. The adventure just keeps unfolding as we wander around the Mercat de la Boqueria, a huge and colorful food market! It was only right to buy some dried mango for the rest of the walk home!

8:00 pm | Siesta time!!! I am a big fan of nap time. Why is this not a thing all over the world?

10:00 pm | Dinner time! It was very necessary to have paella while in Barcelona. After some research, we landed on Arume! As soon as we walked in, we knew we had come to the right place. The vibes were right, the staff was super friendly, and the food was amazing. Definitely a little nicer of a restaurant price wise but Barcelona is a very casually dressed city! If you go to Arume definitely make a reservation! We waited over an hour and a half but it was worth it! We had the best time and of course delicious sangria, paella, and dessert!

1:30 am | Just on time to go out! The salsa bug bit us and we decided to check out another salsa and bachata club Antilla. YES to this place! People were very accommodating to my lack of salsa and bachata skills and were happy to actually give lessons! There was even a quick zumba salsa class at 3am led by a salsa instructor! This place was amazing! We had so much fun and danced the night away all the way until the morning!

5:00 am | Bed time.... #noregrets


day 3 

12:30 pm | Good morning! After last night we were in desperate need of a sleep in! A shower and a lot of cups of coffee later we were ready to go!

1:30 pm | After going to the Mercat de la Boqueria at night we wanted to see it in the daytime but it was closed! Note to self: always check open hours especially on a Sunday! So we stopped for a croissant instead! The croissants in Barcelona are different than Parisian croissants but still very good so give them a try!

2:00 pm | Brunch time at Firebug!

3:00 pm | La Sagrada Familia! Wow! The Gaudi architecture is absolutely magnificent! I honestly teared up again when we made it inside. If you know me I am not super emotional (I am a Capricorn) so for architecture to make me cry twice, it must be pretty incredible. I probably needed someone to pick my jaw up off the floor because I was absolutely blown away. Get your tickets to La Sagrada Familia!

5:00 pm | At this point, we are basically unbreakable! We walked 1.3 miles from La Sagrada Familia to Park Guell. We also made it to Park Guell for sunset and just in time before the ticket booth closed! Get your Park Guell Tickets Here! 

6:00 pm | After exploring the Gaudi architecture and incredible views of Barcelona, we made it to the highest point of the park to appreciate the sunset! I am sure I have said it before but one of my favorite things to do when traveling is to watch the sunset from the highest point in the city. Each one is unique and I just find it to be a very peaceful and special moment!

7:15 pm | Snack time at Demasie! Coffee and doughnuts... YES PLEASE

8:30 pm | Siesta zzzzzzzz

10:00 pm | On our walk to dinner I was mugged and had my phone stolen. We chased the bad guys and one was arrested! Unfortunately, I did not get my phone back but we were ok and unharmed and that was most important! The full story will be shared in another blog post! Stay tuned!

12:00 am | After living through a scene out of a movie and filing a police report, we were starving and settled for pizza!

1:00 am | It seemed silly to waste our last night in Barcelona so we went to the Mojito Club! A few salsa dances later and we were ready to go home for the night!

day 4

10:30 am | I may have woken up phoneless but I did not want to waste a minute of our time in Barcelona!

11:00 am | Just a 10-minute walk from the hostel is the super cool graffiti park area of Montjuic. In addition to being a prime photo location, the view is also high quality!

11:30 am | Wandering through the park we found a cable car! This cable car took us all the way up the mountain to Castell de Montjuic! The castle was amazing and so were the views!

1:00 pm | A long walk and a croissant later, we finally made it back to Mercat de la Boqueria in the daylight!

2:00 pm | Hunger calls! Lunch time at La Boqueria, a food stand in the market. The food was top quality! Everything was very fresh and delicious including the Sangria!

4:00 pm | Although it is the middle of January, it would just be a shame to have gone to Barcelona and not seen the beach which is why we went to Barceloneta Beach!

4:10 pm | Quick little siesta on the beach!

4:20 pm | Got pooped on by a bird

4:30 pm | Grabbed a coffee and cleaned off the bird poop.

5:00 pm | We just couldn't leave Barcelona hungry so we grabbed a few tapas back at La Tasqueta de Blai!

6:00 pm | Until next time Barcelona <3


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