Travel Diary: Bruges


Within five minutes of arrving in Bruges, Belgium I was head over heels in love. It felt as though I had been transported through a Medieval time portal. From the cobblestone streets lined with adorable houses to the delicious chocolate and waffles, I was in heaven! The town is extremely clean and not too touristy. Every place you want to go to Bruges is accessible by walking and, if necessary, there are buses that are easy to take! I definitely recommend going with someone for the simple fact that you can experience the magic of Bruges together! Here is how I spent 36 hours in Bruges!


  • Ouibus/train from Paris to Lille to Bruges
  • Local bus to the hostel/downtown


  • Snuffle Hostel - great location, friendly staff, safe, and clean (BOOK NOW)


  • The Potato Bar
  • 2Be Brewery
  • Brewery De Halve Mann
  • Oyya
  • La Gondola
  • Margritt
  • Gingerbread
  • The Old Chocolate House


  • Markt
  • Bell Clock Tower
  • Canal Cruise
  • Beguinage
  • Vismarkt
  • The Church of Our Lady Bruges



day 1

7:30 am | Departed from Paris! Headphones in and ready to go!

1:00 pm | Arrived in Bruges and headed to the Snuffle Hostel.

1:05 pm | Fell in love with Bruges!

1:45 pm | FOOD at The Potato Bar! Absolutely delicious and the truffle fries are not to be missed!

2:30 pm | Time to get touristy in the Markt area. This is the city center which is laid out in a circle with roads jutting off in all different directions. The best way to see Bruges is to pick a street and explore and then move on to the next one!

2:45 pm | Make the climb up to the top of the Bell Tower. If views are what you are after then this is a must. Bruges is just as pretty from above!

3:45 pm | Never ending chocolate shops! Pick whichever one speaks to you and then go to three more! Actual chocolate heaven!

4:00 pm | Pop into 2Be Brewery to check out their famous beer wall. I am not a beer drinker but they have an incredible balcony if you fancy a cold one!

4:30 pm | Let's cruise! If there is one thing you to do while in Bruges it has to be the canal cruise. There is no need to pre-book! I personally picked up the cruise next to Hotel De Orangeries. It was absolutely breathtaking.

5:15 pm | As you're walking around and taking it all in, make sure to take a ridiculous amount of photos! Every inch of Bruges is gram worthy! Especially the Brewery De Halve Mann. Once again, I didn't have a beer but the photo ops were super cute.

5:30 pm | As if Bruges isn't already peaceful enough, Beguinage, the Montessori, is even more relaxing! Take a nice peaceful stroll through the gorgeous grounds and enjoy every minute!

5:45 pm | Next stop: Vismarkt. Fish market by day and social hang out at night. To be honest, I don't know why, how often, who, or any of the specifics of what I witnessed. All I know is, there were over a hundred people dancing. Not club dancing, proper ballroom dancing, and it was MAGICAL. My friend and I (both being performers) and a collection of other people stood and watched for over an hour! I hope you get to witness this magic.

7:00 pm | If you're not hungry by now then we can't be friends. Also, if you aren't okay with eating dessert before dinner...we might have a problem. Once you lay eyes on Oyya Waffle Bar I think you will understand why you need a waffle NOW. Delicious waffles topped with ice cream and whatever else you want. #blessed

8:00 pm | Time for some real food! La Gondola Italian Restaurant was so good! My friend and I were the last ones out of there! The staff was incredible and the food was even better!

10:00 pm | Even after a VERY full day, I'm not ready for it to end! The nightlife in Bruges is limited. There are only some bars and restaurants open late. I was able to be entertained until midnight just walking around and talking with my friend. It was really nice to just be in the present moment and soak it all up!


day 2

9:00 am | Breakfast at the hostel! (Trying to save money here people!) Also, super convenient that Snuffle Hostel has lockers we could keep our backpacks in while we explored all day!

9:45 am | When you're trying to save money but the cutest cafe ever is calling your name so you settle for a matcha latte and don't get food because you also just ate breakfast....Welcome to Margritt! I am so sorry as full as I was I didn't get anything to eat because I would go all the way back to Bruge just for that matcha latte. Everything is made fresh and mostly by the owner! Life changer!

11:30 am | After sitting at Margritt for a while and then wandering around, we made it to The Church of Our Lady Bruges. This gorgeous church is home to Michaelangelo's world-famous Madonna and Child!

12:30 pm | I strolled around some of the shops and bought more chocolate.  🙂 I don't want this trip to end!

1:30 pm | Lunchtime at Gingerbread! I had a delicious bagel the size of my face topped with eggs and smoked salmon! I love this spot because it is right across the street from Margitt!

3:00 pm | With a full tummy you can now walk around Bruges and make certain you have been down every single street!

5:00 pm | Time for the last waffle!

6:00 pm | Headed back to the hostel to grab our bags.

7:15 pm | Departed beautiful Bruges to return to Paris!

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