Travel Diary: London

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London was calling and I answered! After living in Paris for almost a year I finally made it to London! This metropolitan city is packed with history, sights, entertainment, and personally a lot of friends! It is interesting to know people from a place before traveling somewhere because it almost gives you a sense of what it will be like! I have quite a few friends from London and all over England and that made me even more eager to visit! After a busy three days, I was able to see what makes London such a wonderful city. It is definitely somewhere I would like to go back to sooner rather than later. Here is how I spent 3 days in London!


  • Eurostar from Paris to London (still not over how easy this was!)
  • Tube/Underground/Bus around London


  • Nando's
  • Tanner & Co.
  • Pret a Manger
  • Joe & the Juice
  • Theatre Cafe
  • Wagamama
  • Antipodea
  • Rosa's Thai Cafe
  • Basta
  • Harrod's
  • Naked Dough


  • Tower Bridge
  • Tower of London
  • Shakespeare's Globe
  • Tate Modern
  • St. Paul's Cathedral
  • Trafalgar Square
  • Buckingham Palace
  • London Eye
  • Big Ben
  • China Town
  • Piccadilly Circus
  • Carnaby Street
  • Abbey Road
  • Notting Hill
  • Harry Potter Platform
  • Camden
  • Covent Garden
  • Oxford Street


  • Pubs/bars
  • West End Show
  • Sophie's Soho
  • Blame Gloria
  • Shaka Zulu

Travel Tips

  • London is pretty expensive
  • The currency used is Euros
  • The language spoken is English!
  • Use the app CityMapper to help navigate the Tube
  • Walk as much as possible
  • Get an Oyster card to save money on the Tube. The caps how much you can spend per day. (This works with some tap to pay credit cards as well)
  • Save money on West End tickets by getting them at the TKTS booth or entering the lottery
  • I wish I could have made it to the Sky Garden, Tea at Sketch, Dishoom, and Elan Cafe. I guess I will have to go back!


Arrival Night


The Eurostar is amazing! Honestly I am not over how easy it was to get from Paris to London. If you are in Europe I highly recommend this method of transport! It can get pricey but if you book in advance you can find pretty reasonable prices. Totally worth it! The highlight of my trip was getting off of the train and being greeted by my best friend and local, Hannah! There is no better tour guide than your friend and local!

*Pro tip: The Harry Potter Platform is very close to the Eurostar station so I tried to go but the line was quite long and I am not a big enough fan to wait when I could be eating food. Soz.


Obviously, I am always hungry! First meal of the trip was Nando's! So many of my friends from England LOVE this place and make it their first stop when they go home! Totally get it now. Go and get yourself a cheeky Nando's.


We had a pretty casual night and went to a bar/pub right by my friend's place. We had some drinks and caught up on life! Go to any bar/pub in London and you will probably have a great time because people are so friendly and nice!

Day 1


Is it illegal to go to a city and not have brunch?! If it isn't it should be! Tanner & Co. was delicious. I'm pretty basic and went for the avocado toast but their bottomless brunch looked AMAZING! Also, if you go in the summer their outdoor patio was goals!



This bridge is commonly mistaken for London Bridge however, it is by far the most photogenic bridge in London! We were so lucky to have the sun come out while exploring this area! All around the bridge the area is filled with shops and restaurants!


I didn't make it into the Tower of London but it looked pretty amazing from the outside! This is also where the Queen's Jewels are stored!


If you are a Shakespeare lover than this is a sight you will not want to miss! This reconstructed version of the original globe is now home to Shakespeare plays!


Sorry not sorry but I do not understand Modern Art. Some of it is cool to look at and enjoy and some looks like a two-year-old made it. Whichever side of the spectrum you are on, I still think the Tate Modern is worth checking out. Especially since some of its exhibits are FREE!


This gorgeous church is worth passing by. The architecture is incredible! I did not want to buy tickets to go inside but you can buy them when you arrive or online!


A little bit of everything thrown together in a central square. Here you can find a mix of street vendors, performers, protesters, artists, and more!


What a sight! I lowkey hoped the Queen would just pop her head out of the window but it was still pretty special to see Buckingham Palace! The grounds around it are also beautiful! If you can, try to catch the changing of the guards.


This fun street in Soho is filled with amazing shops!


One of the coolest Chinatowns I have ever seen! It was decorated beautifully with red lanterns and was packed with people! The food is also supposed to be amazing.


The "Times Square" of London. This area is packed with shops, restaurants, large neon signs, people, and theatres! This is where you can find the TKTS booth and other vendor booths to buy you West End tickets.



We picked up our tickets to see Everybody's Talking About Jamie and included in our ticket was a free drink and snack at the Theatre Cafe. If you are a musical theatre fan this is a place to see! They are all about the musical theatre puns!


After even more walking around and exploring, it was time to eat! I am obsessed with Wagamama! The ramen was so delicious. I would love to come back here and eat. This is a chain restaurant so be sure to check and see if there is one near you!


I love going to musicals! It was a big bucket list item to go to London and see a West End show! CHECK PLUS! Everybody's Talking About Jamie was amazing! The music, choreography, and story were all so well done. I hope this musical makes it over to America.


Sophie's Soho is vibes. This trendy and cool restaurant and bar is definitely the place to go. Their craft cocktails were on point and they had a fabulous G&T menu.


Day 2


After a delicious homemade breakfast by my friend, it was time to explore even more! Today was more about exploring different areas of London.


All you need is love! It was super cool to check out Abbey Road Studios and see a spot where so many artists have created history! I had no idea how many major artists had recorded some of their biggest hits here! I also couldn't leave without having my Beatles moment of cross Abbey Road. It was definitely not as amazing as the album cover but what an experience! Abbey road happens to be a very busy intersection full of tourists dodging cars and buses to get a photo for the gram. This is totally worth it!


This area is really beautiful! The homes are exactly what I pictured when I think of London. It is definitely a quieter more residential area but still has a central area with shops and restaurants.


Mostly just walked around and through these areas to see the colorful houses of London! They are definitely Instagram worthy and also just pretty to look at! Just a friendly reminder that as cute as they are it is someone's home and I wouldn't want to walk out my door to find someone posing on my doorstep! LOL


If I could live in London I would want to live here. I just need to add a few more zero's to my bank account first. This area is so beautiful! It has even more colorful homes as well as boutique shops and restaurants. I instantly fell in love and felt at home! The all black house is literally my dream home! <3




RUN don't walk to Antipodea. This awesome Australian brasserie has a few locations throughout the city. The one I went to was located in Jigsaw in Notting Hill but I would love to check out their other locations that also serve food! I love chai tea lattes and without a doubt, this was THE BEST CHAI TEA LATTE I have EVER had! I simply ordered a Chai Tea Latte with Coconut Milk and it was out of this world!


I knew this place was going to be good the minute we walked in. Blame Gloria is a fun and funky bar providing a good time and great drinks! During Happy Hour their drink special is buy one get one free! As an added bonus, our friend from Japan was in town and met up with us! It is amazing to be able to meet up with friends from around the globe!


We originally wanted to eat at Dishoom however the wait was over an hour and we would have had to stand outside in the cold. No thanks! We ended up at Rosa's Thai Cafe and it was delicious! I had a creamy butternut squash curry that was delicious!



Day 3


The first stop of the day was artsy Shoreditch. This area is full of trendy restaurants and markets. We checked out Old Spitalfields Market where you can find arts and crafts booths, clothing shops, and restaurants. After we stopped my Boxpark which is a shipping container pop up of clothing and eats!


Camden is the super cool, edgy, up and coming area of town. It is super well known for its eccentric street markets. You can find a ton of unique shops as well as all of the knockoff designer brand goods. Located on the water, this town also has Camden Market which is filled with shops and restaurants! It almost made me feel like I was back in Marrakech in the souks! Be sure to check out the insane rave shop Cyberdog while you're there. Camden was also the home of Amy Winehouse and you can find a memorial statue of her in the Market!


With all of the amazing food stalls in Camden Markets, it would have been crazy not to eat there! I went for an amazing falafel from Basta and then treated myself to cookie dough from Naked Dough.


After exploring a little more it was time for a happy hour delight at Shaka ZuluThis insanely over the top African themed bar/restaurant/club is unlike anything I have ever seen. It is absolutely massive and transports you out of London!



I knew the infamous Harrods had incredible clothing and gorgeous displays but what I didn't know about was the fabulous food market! It has everything you could ever want and more. I legit want to live in the Harrods food market. I was so sad I had recently eaten because I wanted to buy so many goodies. Beyond the food, the rest of Harrods is absolutely spectacular. Some of the rooms look like a museum! It is definitely worth a walk through,


Shopping, shopping, and more shopping. Did I mention shopping? Both of these areas are packed with stores! I saw the largest Topshop of my life as well as a Free People, Brandy Melville, Skinny Dip, Urban Outfitters, & Other Stories, Allbirds, and even WHOLE FOODS! You can find all the shops from high end to low end and everything in between!



Just before having to catch the Eurostar back to Paris, I did stop by two more awesome spots. The first was Choccywoccydoodah which is the truly unique store for the "Cake Boss" of England. This shop is filled with insane cakes that really are works of art! Finally, I went to the beautiful area of Neal's Yard.  I had seen this spot on Instagram and was so happy I was able to see it in person! This colorful area is too cute!



These few days went by so fast! I am so happy I was able to explore this amazing city and see first hand why so many people love London! I grabbed my Joe & the Juice, hopped on the Eurostar, and headed back to the land of croissants.


Do you have any recommendations of places to eat, see, and explore in London?! Leave a comment below! 🙂

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