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One of the biggest factors preventing everyone from traveling 24/7 is money! Traveling can be very expensive from flights to accommodations and money to explore and enjoy the destination! Of course, we all dream to jet set around the world in first class, stay at the finest luxury resorts, and dress to kill in the latest fashion trends but let's get back to reality! The reality is even if you aren't a millionaire you can still be ballin' on a budget and feed your wanderlust! Here is how I save money in order to travel the world!



When it comes to booking flights, trains, and accommodations, the further in advance you book the cheaper it can be! If you have the ability to plan ahead and book early, do it! Trains from Paris to London can be as cheap as 35€ or as expensive at 200-300€ depending on how far in advance you book your travels!



Welcome to the 21st century! Saving money and budgeting has never been easier thanks to those little square blocks on your phone also known as apps! The two apps I swear by are Digit and Fudget. Digit automatically takes a little money out of your account and puts it into your personalized Digit savings account without you even realizing! Sometimes I forget to check my Digit account balance and before I know it I have $200-$300 saved up! Sign up for Digit and start saving!

Another app I really enjoy is Fudget. This simple budgeting app allows me to easily keep on top of my finances. I make my monthly budget based on how much or how little I want to spend and then I just input all of my purchases! This allows me to easily see if I am staying on budget or if I have treated myself one too many times!  This app has been a life saver for me and really helped my spending habits.



Yes, Skyscanner is an app but this one deserves its own separate category! When I am bored and feeling wanderlusty (which is pretty often) I go on Skyscanner and check out the cheapest place to fly! Skyscanner has this amazing option that lets you put in your destination as Everywhere and finds the cheapest flights over the dates you provide from your origin! If you want a getaway and do not care about where you go, then this is for you! If you are someone who needs to plan and has a destination in mind don't worry because Skyscanner also finds really cheap airfare! YAYY!



Of course, I would love to travel while staying in the penthouse suite with unlimited room service, however, this is BUDGET travels people! Let's be honest, how much time do you actually spend in the room while you travel? If your answer is a lot of time than we have another situation to deal with but, if your answer is not a lot of time then why blow your money on lavish accommodations? AirBnb and hostels have been wonderful to my bank account! Hostels sometimes get a bad rap for being dirty and unsafe but I have stayed in some pretty nice hostels. I always book through so I can read reviews and see photos. I also always make sure to book in a female only dorm with as few other people as possible! Many times hostels have beds for as low as 10-15 Euro and might even include breakfast! I have stayed in hostels in Italy, Belgium, and Barcelona and all were wonderful experiences! I even made some new friends! If you can't find a hostel or are traveling with a group then an AirBnb is another great idea! You can find a room to rent or split the cost of the entire house with friends! What better way to live like a local!

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Stop wasting money and start earning miles! Every time you spend money you could be earning miles. Your life expenses can essentially pay for your travels! It honestly pains me that so many people throw out their money! Stop throwing out your money and start making travel money aka MILES! I have flown most of my life with Delta or one of their partner airlines since they have a hub in my home, Michigan, and fly pretty much everywhere in the world. Every time I flew I made sure to use my SkyMiles number to earn miles from my flight to put towards a FREE airline ticket. Now, in addition, I am able to use my American Express SkyMiles card to earn 1 mile for every $1 spent and 2 miles for every $1 spent on Delta purchases! I am already spending the money so I might as well get something for it! With my Platinum Delta American Express, I also receive a FREE companion ticket valid within the continental U.S. Who doesn't want two tickets for the price of one?! This year alone I have earned 100,00 Skymiles! That is a free round trip ticket from Detroit to Tokyo!

Sign up to start earning miles today and receive 50,000 BONUS miles! 



Lucky for us there are many modes of transportation to utilize when it comes to traveling. They might not always be the most ideal but who wants to waste money on transportation when that money could be used to enjoy a nice dinner on a rooftop on your next (basically free after this article) holiday! When looking to save money, check ALL of your travel options. This includes planes, trains, and busses! I have taken the bus quite a few times in Europe and it has been significantly cheaper than any plane or train! When I went to Amsterdam, my round trip bus ticket was 50€ vs 200€ for the train! SUPER SAVINGS!



Don't follow the crowd! In fact, avoid crowds at all! Traveling during off-season and weekdays can provide much cheaper travel rates than during peak season and weekends. In addition to benefitting from cheaper rates, you might even be able to enjoy many of the popular attractions with a significantly shorter wait time and quieter crown than usual! That is a win-win in my book!



Find a job or volunteer opportunity that allows you to live abroad is a great way to travel for less! Immerse yourself in a new experience and a new environment! Not only is this a great and inexpensive way to travel but it also allows you to live like a local!


If you have any budget travel hacks that you swear by, leave them in the comments!

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This site contains affiliate links to products. I may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. By providing these links I am able to help you save money and earn a little for myself to allow the continuation of content creation for you! Thank you and happy travels!

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